If you have not already done so waste no time in marking your calendar for Lakeland Heritage Weekend 2012. We will start with 1970’s night with the Tweens atCollege ParkCommunity Center. On Saturday there will be an Open House for the LCHP Archives in the Community Center’s Lakeland Room. You are invited to bring your photos and documents for recording and addition to the archives. There will also be recorded forums where you will have a chance to share your stories of the past. That evening the Lakeland All- Stars basketball team will be featured in a game in the Center’s gym. During the game guest announcers will share stories of athletes of Lakeland have used their skills to excel beyond the courts and playing fields. OnSundayEmbryAMEChurchwill be the hosts for a community worship service at LakelandPark.

You will not want to miss a thing.

Lakelanders Briscoe, Gray and Randall as part of Parkdale High School's team