Lakeland Community Heritage Project

Preserving the history of African Americans in College Park, Maryland.

Vision 2025

Lakeland is a historically designated community where meaningful processes of restorative justice have been and are being realized. Lakeland has a renewed historic character with low density housing, and compatible community commercial and home-based enterprises. Ninety percent of the homes are owner occupied and tenants have the tools and opportunity to become homeowners.  It is the home of legacy institutions in their historic structures and robust center for culture, history, and heritage. The community is strong, healthy, safe, and inclusive both economically and socially. The history and culture of the community and its members are honored, nurtured, and celebrated. Lifelong vitality and learning are supported. Lakeland is physically and institutionally interconnected with the larger community

Strategy Areas


  • Advocate for vehicular road connections between Lakeland and other communities
  • Advocate for maintenance of safe vehicular, pedestrian and cycle routes 


  • Support robust, culturally inclusive lifelong education
  • Support the maintenance and success of Paint Branch Elementary School and College Park Community Center
  • Ensure community youth have the tools and opportunity for excellence in education and support them and achieving their goals.
  • Provide regular educational and celebratory programs to share and promote the history and culture of Lakeland and its residents
  • Ensure the availability of education necessary to support individuals and families in becoming homeowners.

Public Safety

  • Advocating for a system of justice which honors and values all and is just in its application.
  • Participating in programs which promote and advocate for positive relationships between elements of the public justice system and community members


  • Initiate and support programs which develop and support owner occupants
  • Support business creation and development in harmony with the vision
  • Initiate and support programs for community members which help build physical, intellectual, social, and economic wealth
  • Support efforts to conserve and more efficiently use resources in a fashion compatible with the vision.

Revitalization and Redevelopment

  • Advocate and support the development and location in Lakeland of a center for history, heritage and culture which shares and celebrates the cultures of all College Park’s residents

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