Lakeland Community Heritage Project

Preserving the history of African Americans in College Park, Maryland.

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Please contact LCHP by email at

3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. How wonderful that you are doing this. Growing up in University Park, attending the Univ of Maryland in 1960-64, I’ve only visited Lakeland a few times, but looking back am so glad that this essential part of our history is being preserved. A few days back, I drove the loop from Baltimore Ave to the Railroad Tracks, looking for any evidence of the original school and swamps (wasn’t there a sand quarry somewhere, perhaps further north, east of the tracks?). But of course so much has changed.

    On another blog I mentioned one of my first insights presaging the Civil Rights Evolution was visiting Lakeland School (in the 1950s?, for some reason?) and seeing our old worn textbooks in use — and thinking “That’s not right.”

    Now of course looking back to those segregated times, and so much more since then –No, it wasn’t right!– and we need to acknowledge and share our true shared histories, while moving on together. Thank you for this site and these precious pictures and insights.

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