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Memories of May Day at Lakeland School

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May Day at Lakeland School was a rite of spring each year. It was celebrated by the whole school community. Sadly, this all stopped when Mr. Edgar Smith retired in 1966. Personally, I only experienced the festivities during my kindergarten year in 1966. I remember it as the most special day of the school year with performances of singing and dancing in the morning, a special lunch and field games in the afternoon. Parents even came to share the day.

Share your Lakeland Memories

This is a great time to pull out those old boxes of papers and scrapbooks and share memories with family, friends and LCHP.

Just use your phone, computer or scanner. You can post it to Lakeland’s Facebook page, and or send it to LCHP for the Lakeland Digital Archive. Our email is

 You can 

  • Record a story on your phone or computer
  • Share a photo, keepsake or document
  • use your phone to take a picture of a photo or keepsake or you can use your home scanner/printer 

 For questions please email My Lakeland Stories.

Share Your Stories from Home

This is a great time to pull out those old boxes of papers and scrapbooks.
Share your stories and pictures with family, friends and LCHP.  Just use your phone, computer or scanner. You can share by posting to Lakeland’s Facebook page, and or send it to LCHP for the Lakeland Digital Archive. Our email is
  • Record a story on your phone or computer
  • Share a photo, keepsake or document.
  • Use your phone to take a picture of a photo or keepsake or you can use your home scanner/printer
If you have questions please email My Lakeland Stories.

2019 in Review

Last year a great deal of work for LCHP programs was achieved by volunteers and  through partnerships with University of Maryland Department of American Studies, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities and College of Information Studies. In our decade of work, we have developed a unique, equitable collaborative relationship between a community and scholars. This work will continue with a new $100,000 grant from National Endowment for the Humanities.

The focus of this year’s work has been the Lakeland Digital Archive. Collection of new oral histories and images was done with funding from two grants. A College Park Foundation grant supported work with the Last Class of Lakeland High School. A grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities provided funds used for general collections work. That project will end with a presentation , Lakelanders Spirit: Thru digital footprints, our stories and heritage  on Saturday, September 19 at Embry AME Church.

‘Outside of these funds work was done to better organize and document our materials and investigate ways to make the Archive more sustainable and accessible. This effort includes exploring relationships with other archives including UMCP, Morgan State University and others.  Smaller projects are underway to complete Geographic Mapping of Lakeland and create information about the movements of residents within the community over time.

Notable this year has been the work of two young Lakelanders, Courtnie Thurston, Morgan State University graduate student and Cameron Thurston. These two have added a great deal of energy, creativity and a critical perspective to the work.

Outreach activities this year have included presentations of our work and the Lakeland Story at Trolley Trail Day, UM classes and professional group meetings as well as Black Communities: A Conference for Collaboration, Durham, NC.


What’s Next with the Digital Archive

In the coming months LCHP will continue working to obtain a digital copy of urban renewal records from the City of College Park the plan is to add that to the Archive and seek ways to analyze that material.   We will also be working with MNCPPC on a youth summer work project. Young visual artists will be creating art pieces inspired by material from the Lakeland Digital Archive.  There work will be exhibited in a gallery format in the College Park Community Center,  Lakeland Room during February 2021.

2020 collections 1

Get on the Bus

On Thursday, June 25 join friends, family and neighbors for a day of fun for all ages during a trip to Knoebels Amusement Park. in Elysburg, PA. Admission to the park is free. You pay only for a seat on the bus and any rides or amusements you would like.

The shady park is a quiet safe place with enough active fun for the young and many great spots to sit, stroll and spend the day for those who enjoy a more leisurely pace. Knoebels has rides choices from kiddie cars to roller coasters as well as a swimming pool and haunted houses.
You can bring your own lunch and enjoy it in our own dedicated picnic area or choose from many great meal or snack options. Favorites of visitors include kettle corn, freshly roasted peanuts, hotdogs, and hamburgers. There is even a full service restaurant if that suits your fancy.
The bus will leave Washington Brazilian SDA Church (Lakeland School site) at 7:15 a.m. and Security Blvd. Park and Ride Baltimore, MD at 8:15 a.m. Returning to Security Blvd. Park and Ride at 9:30 p.m. and Washington Brazilian SDA Church (Lakeland School site) at 10:30 p.m.
Parking is available at either location at your own risk

Cost: $50.00 per person for bus only regardless of your age
Payment due by June 7, 2020
Make checks payable to LCHP
There is no fee to enter the park. Ride tickets or Passes may be purchased at the park
$44.00 (Excludes Haunted Mansion & Wooden Coasters) Ride All Day – PLUS Wooden Coasters $52.00 Ride All Day Basic (under 48”) $27.00 Ride All Day with Coasters (under 48”) $33.00 Ride All Day – Basic

George Randall: 301-655-9153
Pam Tolson 301-651-7377

Proceeds from this event will be donated to Lakeland Community Heritage Project and Embry AME Church

Lakeland Meetup 2020

Lakeland Meetup 2020You will not want to miss this year’s Annual Meeting on Thursday, February 27, 6 PM at College Park Community Center, 5051 Pierce Avenue, College Park, MD 20740. This is a chance to reconnect with friends of Lakeland and learn the latest news of LCHP. In addition to a pot luck meal you can make your contribution to the Lakeland Family Tree and renew your LCHP membership. Membership levels start at only $5. Psst,,, There will be an exciting announcement too. For more information call Maxine Gross at 240-643-7264.

Digitization Workshop Added

If you missed it last week here is another chance. Have your materials digitized for your own self keeping and you may choose to have them included in the Lakeland Digital Archive.  Make an appointment for Sunday, October 20 at College Park Community Center call 240) 643-7264 or email

Experts will scan your materials and will return the
originals, along with digital copies, for your personal
archives and for sharing.

Many Documents Tell Your Story.    Bring your family memorabilia with you! photos/scrapbooks • birth certificates • property deeds • school records (report cards, diplomas, etc.) • military papers • church documents •personal letters • licenses/permits    •membership cards • event announcements/programs • business records • contracts

Please consider contributing digital copies of your family records to the Lakeland Digital Archive to ensure your family’s story is represented. We are especially interested in documenting the period from 1950 to 1983.

NEH-Preferred-Seal820 This event is hosted by Lakeland Community Heritage Project in conjunction with Department of American Studies and Maryland Institute for Technology in he Humanities (MITH), University of Maryland, College Park, and is made possible by a grant from the                                             National Endowment for the Humanities.