Lakeland Sports Trading Cards

During Lakeland Heritage Weekend 2012 we will honor four of Lakeland athletes with their own sports trading card. These cards will be available during the Lakeland Hoops Game on the evening of Saturday, September 15 at the College Park Community Center.
You are invited to nominate a Lakelander to be honored with a card. There will be a maximum of four. Should a LCHP receive a greater number of nominations selections will be made by a committee of three LCHP members. All nominations must be received by August 15, 2012 and consist of a photograph of the athlete preferably in sporting attire or during the period they were most active in their sport of choice along with a paragraph describing their Lakeland connection, as well as their archivists in sport and in life. The narrative should be 80 to 120 words. LCHP retains the right to edit images or wording. Submissions may be made by email to or by mail to LCHP Sports Cards, Attention Maxine Gross, 5011 Navhoe Street, College Park, MD 20740Lakeland High School

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