Mothers Day 2020
Agnes Gross, Wilmer Gross, Dessie Randall Thomas, Embry African Methodist Church in Lakeland, College Park, Maryland, Maxine Gross, Delphine Gross

On the way out to Sunday school at Embry A.M.E.Church my sister and I would pick blossoms from one of our mother’s azalea bushes. They grew (and still do) in the front yard, along the walkway, just under the picture window. Mom would take a pin from her sewing basket and attach those colorful clusters to the front of our matching, spring dresses. The flowers we choose were pink to show our mother was yet living. With a few coins tied in fancy handkerchiefs for the morning collection clutched in our hands off we would go. Walking along Pierce Avenue, making a right at the corner, passing Aunt Baby’s house our arrival was timed to be prompt for lessons presided over by Miss Dessie. After church there was Sunday dinner with our parents and grandparents. There would be two meats, Mother’s Day was a special day.

What are your memories of Mother’s Day?

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