Easter in Lakeland was a great day of celebration centered around our churches and homes. It was a day made up of morning worship, egg hunts, a new outfit and feasting. I remember being allowed to wear our new Easter coats and going into Washington to see the cherry blossoms.

What are your memories of Easter?

Share your Lakeland Memories

This is a great time to pull out those old boxes of papers and scrapbooks and share memories with family, friends and LCHP.

Just use your phone, computer or scanner. You can post it to Lakeland’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/lakelandchp/ and or send it to LCHP for the Lakeland Digital Archive. Our email is LakelandCollegePark@gmail.com.

 You can 

  • Record a story on your phone or computer
  • Share a photo, keepsake or document
  • use your phone to take a picture of a photo or keepsake or you can use your home scanner/printer 

 For questions please email mailto:maxine.a.gross@gmail.com?subject=Sharing My Lakeland Stories.

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