Saturday, April 22 will be a banner day in Lakeland as we unveil the Maryland Roadside Historic Marker recognizing the Lakeland community. This milestone comes after years of effort by the Heritage Project. We submitted to State authorities statements justifying the historical significance of Lakeland along with documents supporting that information. We then proposed language for the sign and negotiated with State historians to settle on the final wording. Lakelnders have successfully met the challenge of telling Lakeland’s story in just the few words possible on one small sign. To see the sign and read the words join LCHP and our friends and neighbors at 1:00 PM on Saturday, April 22 along Baltimore Avenue, at Lakeland Road. After the unveiling let’s gather at Lakeland Park for a reception and exhibition. If there is inclement weather the party will be moved to Embry African Methodist Episcopal Church, 5051 Lakeland Road, College Park, MD. 20740. See you in Lakeland.