Chairperson, Maxine Gross “I grew up and was educated here in Prince George’s County, Maryland beginning at Lakeland Elementary School. I hold an undergraduate degree form the University of Maryland, College Park and a master’s degree from Bowie State University. I am committed to LCHP’s mission, to preserve Lakeland’s story in the words of Lakeland’s people.”

Vice Chairperson, George Randall “My homestead is in Lakeland. I am a graduate of Prince George’s County Schools and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Mount Saint Mary’s University.”

Secretary, Mary Corbin Sies is a faculty member in the Department of American Studies at the University of Maryland. Her scholarship focuses on the history of suburbia in the U.S., community studies, and the history of the built environment. She has been working with LCHP since 2009 and her students have worked collaboratively with Lakeland residents to complete several community engaged projects about Lakeland heritage.

Treasurer, Myron Gray is a member of the Lakeland diaspora. He grew up in Lakeland and now makes his home in North Carolina.