This concert will be on Saturday, September 10 at 3 PM. With a pre Show from Faux Paz

About our Artists:
Bubby Fann and Praise Beyond will be the featured performers during our concert.  This New Jersey based group is well known for their album, “Praise Interpretations”.

Faux Paz, University of Maryland’s Premiere Co-Ed A Cappella Group. They the Third Place Winners at 2016 ICCA Finals and were featured on Season Two of Pop TV’s Sing it On. Faux Paz will be our pre show artists.
Godz Prayze in Motion is a liturgical dance group comprised of youth of First Baptist Church of College Park. Their ages range from about ten to sixteen. The group has been in existence for approximately seventeen years.
Voices of Embry is the combined choir of Embry African Methodist Episcopal. They work under the direction of Mr. Eric Hill who is assisted by the staff of Embry’s Music Ministry. The choir is made up of members of the church congregation.
Mrs. Eleanor Traynham is a member of New Mount Nebo Baptist Church. Her Lakeland connection began in childhood when she accompanied her father to the community as he visited friends including the Robinsons and Claibornes or on sales calls with his Watkins products. She attended 9th grade in Lakeland. Mrs. Traynham continues to have long time friends in the community.
Sophisticated Ladies Vocal Ensemble is made up of Vocal Music Students attending Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C. A small group will be performing today. Among their number is Abigail Cohen, a Lakeland resident and member of Embry AME Church.
Adaugo Ejekwu is a young soloist and student of the Vocal Music Program at Suitland High School’s Center for Visual and Performing Arts. Miss Ejekwu has attended educational and recreational programs in Lakeland.

Rosane Castro of Washington Brazilian Seventh Day Adventist Church Music Ministry.