We are all counting down the days until Lakeland Heritage Weekend: Always Meetn’ n’ Eatn’ in Lakeland this Saturday and Sunday. Lakeland Heritage Weekend began in 2007 as an event to share images and stories from Lakeland’s past. This year we are particularly excited to share a published collection of those images and stories–our new book, Lakeland: African-Americans in College Park, from Aracadia Publishing. Beginning on September 19th we are meeting in the College Park Community Center at 10:00 AM with a discussion moderated by Bob Catlin on the role of food in community and family gatherings. After a break at 12:00 PM for lunch, Violetta Sharps-Jones is presenting a workshop on Creating Family Trees. If you’re interested in the afternoon workshop please let us know by e-mailing violettajb@aol.com or calling 301-464-5113.

Saturday evening we are hosting a potluck dinner and a distinguished guest lecture from Psyche Williams-Forson. Dr. Williams-Forson is a nationally recognized food ways specialist and will provide a short talk on the cultural history and meaning of foods. Please call 301-345-3692 or email fstyler@verizon.net to to expect you and what delicious dish you are bringing to the meal. We expect each contribution to the dinner will be accompanied by a story about what the dish means to you and your family. We will be collecting recipes at the event to compile a book on food in Lakeland.

On Sunday, September 20th we are meeting at the corner of 51st Street and Lakeland Road by the First Baptist Church of College Park and the Embry AME Church for a joint service at 11:00 AM. The service will conclude by 1:00 PM, followed by an Antique Car Parade, a delicious lunch, exhibits, book sales, face painting, balloon animals, music, free Rita’s ice, and more. You are all welcome to join us for the whole weekend or just a single afternoon. Find more details on Lakeland Heritage Weekend and our other upcoming events and use the map below for directions to the College Park Community Center or the joint service on Sunday.