Image courtesy Leah L. Jones/The Gazette.
Image courtesy Leah L. Jones/The Gazette.

Over the past few weeks, we have had the fortunate opportunity to share Lakeland’s story with a number of local newspapers, television and radio stations.

The Washington Post shared an announcement when our book went on sale and Prince George’s Community Television sat down for an interview with Lakeland resident Karen Campbell.

David Hill with The Gazette featured Lakeland residents Leonard Smith and Mary Hollomand in his story on our new book. Mr. Smith, a resident of Lakeland since 1941 and a member of the Lakeland Community Heritage Project, provided his book review,

I think it’s going to be excellent for the simple reason that it goes back to the old Lakeland… The older people love it because it brings back memories and the younger people will love it because they didn’t know the history.

In her story for the the Prince George’s Sentinel Jessica Bauer discovered,

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than the newly released book detailing the Lakeland area’s history through old photographs tells the story better than words ever could.

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