LCHP Members: Changes to our organization’s bylaws were adopted on November 20, 2022. A full version of the bylaws are here. Following are descriptions of the recent changes.

1.   Article 5, Section 2: Compensation for work done by Board members on behalf of LCHP. We have added a sentence to the Bylaws that says that the LCHP Board will determine whether a Board member may receive compensation for work done on behalf of the organization on a case-by-case basis. The sentence is “Reasonable compensation should be determined by the board.”

2.   Article 8, Section 12: Addition of a Corresponding Secretary. This change proposes to increase the Executive Committee of LCHP by one person to add a Corresponding Secretary. The Corresponding Secretary will be in charge of maintaining a roster of members, their contact information, and will be responsible for sending out notices to members as well as general correspondence.

3.   Article 12, Section 1: Take Strategic planning sentence out of the Bylaws.

4.   The LCHP Board is proposing adding the word “honor” to the Mission Statement: “LCHP’s mission shall be to collect, preserve, interpret, and honor the heritage and history of those African Americans who created, lived in, and/or had association with the Lakeland community of Prince George’s County, Maryland from the late 19th century to the present.