LCHP Members: Please review proposed changes to our organization’s bylaws! The LCHP Board invites your feedback on these four changes before our November 20, 2022 meeting when the Board will take a final vote on the proposed changes. A full version of the proposed bylaws are here.

1.   Article 5, Section 2: Compensation for work done by Board members on behalf of LCHP. We have added a sentence to the Bylaws that says that the LCHP Board will determine whether a Board member may receive compensation for work done on behalf of the organization on a case-by-case basis. The sentence is “Reasonable compensation should be determined by the board.”

2.   Article 8, Section 12: Addition of a Corresponding Secretary. This change proposes to increase the Executive Committee of LCHP by one person to add a Corresponding Secretary. The Corresponding Secretary will be in charge of maintaining a roster of members, their contact information, and will be responsible for sending out notices to members as well as general correspondence.

3.   Article 12, Section 1: Take Strategic planning sentence out of the Bylaws.

4.   The LCHP Board is proposing adding the word “honor” to the Mission Statement: “LCHP’s mission shall be to collect, preserve, interpret, and honor the heritage and history of those African Americans who created, lived in, and/or had association with the Lakeland community of Prince George’s County, Maryland from the late 19th century to the present.

If any member has questions or concerns about these changes, please contact LCHP at or by regular mail to Lakeland Community Heritage Project, 5011 Navahoe Street, College Park, MD 20740.