DSCF8149The mission of LCHP is to collect, preserve and interpret the heritage and history of those African Americans who lived in, and or had association with the Lakeland community of Prince George’s County, Maryland from the late 19th century to the present. We have done that through events but how do we best share our collections with a wider audience and how do we preserve them for the future? Those are questions LCHP is working diligently to answer. The University of Maryland’s Digital Humanities program is lending their efforts and expertise in helping us answer those big questions. With their help a working group has been established with to explore optioned, develop a plan and identify resources for carrying out LCHP’s plan. To make this happen we have also brought  to the table representatives from the University of Maryland’s Ischool and LCHP volunteers. Before this process is fully underway we want to hear the views, ideas and concerns of LCHP members and the Lakeland community as a whole. You can share buy taking part in or forums this fall. For the dates please watch our website lakelandCHP.com or join our email list by sending your email address. via email at Lakelandhistory.@yahoo.com and we will keep send you all the latest LCHP news.

Retaining the community’s control over the archive material and keeping the LCHP Archive secure and available to families, scholars, and the public remain our goal. We need your help to shape that future and make it a reality.