Part of Lakeland, Past, Present and Future
Part of Lakeland, Past, Present and Future

During Good Neighbor Day on April 6, 2013 the University of Maryland’s Office of Community Engagement unveiled a new mural depicting Lakeland. It was

designed and painted on panels with help from Lakelanders and other community members. The plan was to install the mural at the underpass leading to Lake Artimesia owned by CSX. At the end of the painting process CSX denied final approval due to the need to be able to inspect the underpass walls in the future.

Community Engagement has committed to placing the mural in an alternate location. They asked the community to develop a short list of options a few months ago. Option #1 is an installation high up on the back wall of the Community Center building on Pierce Avenue.  Option #2 is an installation at the Lakeland Park. The panels would be mounted on posts

Please send your comment to Emily Adams at 301-405-1941. You may also contact her with any questions.