The University of Maryland has stated their regrets that the mural location has not yet been found, due to a last minute decision by the property owners, CSX railroad company. UMD’s assurance is that a location for the mural, where the most people can enjoy it, will be found as soon as possible. Every effort is being made to involve the community in a decision about a new site.
Last week representatives of the University of Maryland met with community members and visited the Lakeland Civic Association to get input. Based on those sessions a list of 4 (four) possible locations for the mural were developed. Please take a look at the list and send a note with your preference and thoughts to Ms. Emily Adams, Office of Community Engagement University of Maryland College Park
The following locations were proposed:

A. The entrance to Lakeland Park, at the corner of Rhode Island Avenue and Lakeland Rd.

B. Lakeland Park tennis courts up against the fence.

C. Along the recreational trail leading from Lakeland to Lake Artemesia, the benches beside by the lake.

D. Outside the College Park Community Center facing Pierce Ave.

Thank you for taking part in this important project.