On Tuesday, March 14 Violetta Shaps Jones presented a program on Lakeland at Anacostia Community Museum both her subject, Lakeland and her work recieved rave reviews. Here are two messages commenting on the program.

Dear LCHP,

Yesterdays presentation by Violetta on the Lakeland community Heritage Project provided another piece of the American puzzle.  Who we are as a country, community and culture and how we contributed to what was and now is, becomes clearer with significant tidbits like LCHP.  African Americans have been deliberately been eliminated from this country’s history records but we know that without us this country would have never developed to what it is today.  And, it is presentations like the LCHP that provides the incentive for other communities to research their own and present our history in a more clear vision.  I congratulate the LCHP and Violetta Sharps-Jones on the research and work you have done. 

Thank-you for such an inspirational program.


Tony Thomas

Education Program Coordinator

Anacostia Community Museum

1901 Fort Place, SE

Washington, DC 20020

The museum’s recent program on Historic Lakeland offered a glimpse into the rich history and cultural traditions of a small, but vibrant Maryland African American community.  Historian Violetta Sharps-Jones, vice-chair for the Lakeland Community Heritage Project, told stories of unbridled courage and perseverance that speaks to the heart of a unique close-knit community.    

Robert L. Hall

Associate Director for Education

Anacostia Community Museum

1901 Fort Place, S.E

Washington, DC  20020