To those of you who were there. Thank you one and all for making tonight’s program a new Lakeland milestone.  As you reflect on what you heard please write down your thoughts and share them with not only those closest to you but also with LCHP, your community and the wider world. Contact us by email at and make arrangements to be part of a recorded conversation or individual interview.

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If you were not present for tonight’s program you missed an enjoyable, enlightening and emotional time.  Four panels of guests shared their own stories of Lakeland and their school dates. They told us what it was like to attend school and spend their youth in Lakeland and the surrounding community during the 1940s though the 1970s.  Participants told stories which spanned the period from segregated schools though integration, busing and the period that followed. We thank them for sharing their challenges, their triumphs and their life lessons.  

          Now it is your turn. You now have opportunities to tell your own story. We will be doing more group conversations on the evenings of April 6 and April 27 starting at 7 PM at the College Park Community Center. You may also do individual interviews which will be set at your convience.  LCHP is also seeking Lakelanders and Lakeland associates to tell of their experiences during Storytelling Circles at Maryland Day in Cole Field House. Just contact us at  It is only through your help that Lakeland’s story can live on and its lessons can benefit future generations.